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I enjoy various extra-curricular activities apart from singing.

I like to go on hikes (the Bay Area was a wonderful place for hiking, whether I wanted to stay in the East Bay or drive somewhere further) and take photos [under construction, currently in its old format].

Occasionally I write poetry.

I like to draw [under construction, currently in its old format].

I'm very fond of cocktails.

I occasionally play in puzzle-hunts, though very infrequently now that I'm no longer in the Bay Area. Our team was Get on a Raft with Taft; we've played in various Shintekis, BANGs, and full-length Games. We also hosted the Halloween-themed BANG 13 ("Trick-or-BANG!") and the 15-hour game The Apprentice: Zorg.

While I was in grad school, I wrote a few reviews for the Daily Cal:

My old webpage (from which I will, in theory, gradually transfer most of the content to here over time)

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