Ari and I went hiking in Corte Madera after a singing lesson; it was rather cold, but the clouds were spreading into the sky like a pink-tinged hand, radiating out from Tiburon (or was it Angel Island? I get them confused), and there was bright yellow lichen, and some of the stones were green, and I saw a kestrel (I think).

Wonderfully brilliant toyan berries, a grey Bay—it must be winter.

It's nice being away from all the houses.

Later we saw evidence that people had been making rock piles, but here's evidence that nature does so herself upon occasion.


There was a bird hovering perfectly still in the wind, and then it flew a little ways, and then it hovered again. Ari asked if it was, perhaps, a kite. As in, with string.

We climbed on top of a couple rocks; this one had some lovely yellow leaves growing in a crack. They were either a very sickly mirror plant (Coprosma repens) or something I don't recognize. I'd posit the latter. :)

Such a beautiful sky.

California live oaks are the best trees ever.

Though other trees get all twisty and cool as well.