One of several barns/broken down buildings on the property. We didn't take any of the tours, but we skirted around the edge of the old winery. The vineyards are still there, and apparently in use for a private appellation, but the winery itself is clearly elsewhere now. The oddest thing about this barn was the random square of cactuses/cacti planted just outside.

This picture was taken at Rachel's behest, since she thought her camera wasn't taking a good enough picture. Personally I would have preferred not to wash out the sky, which was blue and had nice fluffy clouds, but the point was to be absolutely certain that the fencepost had come out clearly.

Fox-tails growing out of the end of a rusted pipe. I thought it was rather cool.

Here's the bigger picture, showing why it looked so very cool.

Jack London built a five-acre pond to swim in. It's currently shrunk to half its original size due to silting and plant encroachment. A lot of said plants are visible here and in the next several pictures.

A closeup of a dragonfly from the last picture. There were some really awesome dragonflies around the place, but none of them stayed still long enough (and close enough) to get a good picture. The saddest dragonfly miss, though, was that when we were walking back along the road after we'd completed our circuit around the lake, an absolutely huge and very stripey dragonfly came zooming along towards us and settled on a blackberry bramble just ahead of us and stayed there flexing its abdomen for nearly a minute. As soon as I saw it land, I whipped out my camera, set it, and was just about to creep up on it when it zoomed off. It flew back towards and away from us several times, but it never landed again.

Another dragonfly. This one was really quite close, and it stayed there for ages, but I couldn't get the angle right to have it actually show up well.

A neat dead tree, but neither picture that I took of it was entirely in-focus.

The view from the path that curved around the vineyards and back toward the parking lot.

This was actually right by where I took the picture of the foxtails growing from the pipe, but on our way back.