Across the bay.

Also across the bay; those are clouds in the hollow of that mountain, not snow.

There was a sunken ship, but apparently no pirates or buried treasure. I'm not so sure!

Cool driftwood.

From this side, the statue looked like some wolf-riding female out of Norse mythology.

From the other side, it seemed much more like a dragon than a wolf.

Two other humanoid statues.

An arch made out of that orange styrofoam stuff you find on ships. From any sort of distance at all it looks like weathered stone bricks.

And looking through the arch in the other direction, so that it frames a sculpture of a woman.

Linley yawns; Ian looks horrified. :)

A western fence lizard, surrounded by blackberry brambles. It was probably a bit cold for it to want to move anywhere.

A closer look at our saurian friend.

The nasturtiums were very pretty, with a lovely spread of oranges and yellows, but the camera didn't capture it too well. Those yellow things are flowers, not dead leaves, I promise!

I was trying to photograph the dodder on top; I got the pickleweed on the bottom, instead. Stupid selective focus.

One of numerous defunct piers in the area.