Useful Links


California Classical Association (North)

The Society for Classical Studies (formerly the American Philological Association)

The Flavian Epic Network

North American Research Group in Ancient Myth and Mythography

Epic Poetry Network

The Women's Classical Caucus

The Vergilian Society

The Lambda Classical Caucus

Text Collections

The Chicago Perseus Project

BREPOLiS (databases available from Brepols) [subscription required]

musisque deoque

Voci dal mondo antico

PHI Latin Texts

Bibliotheca Augustana

The Latin Library

Fonts and Tools

Tesserae (a web interface for exploring intertextual parallels in classical poetry)

The Greek Transcoder (for converting old Greek fonts such as SGreek to Unicode)

The Alpheios Project (integrated tools for Firefox that enable Latin and Greek dictionary-lookup on almost any site)

Diogenes (an open source program for searching the TLG and PHI databases)

Linux Libertine (an open source, high quality font with very extensive Unicode coverage including an almost complete polytonic Greek set)

Cardo (another free and attractive Unicode font, designed specifically for Classicists, so the Greek and even the metrical coverage is almost complete, but other areas of the font table can be a bit sparse)

Junicode (one more free and stylish Unicode font, primarily for Mediaevalists, but with a beautiful old-fashioned Greek character set; currently the extended Greek set is patchy, however)

SC Unipad (a great and customizable Unicode text editor for PCs; feel free to download my preferred Greek keyboard layout for SC Unipad, based on Betacode and SGreek encoding [right-click or command-click, save-as; you will need to load it from within the program, under the menu Keyboard > Load])


A Hellenistic Bibliography

The Vergil Bibliography

Niklas Holzberg's bibliographies on ancient literature

The Statius Page

Pinax Online [no longer online (RIP Marc Huys); link via Internet Archive Wayback Machine]


Catullus Online

Dickinson College Commentaries

Carlo G. Carlucci's A Field Guide to Greek Metre (PDF, 2.9MB), posted with permission — also a review of the Guide from Classical Journal 75.2 (1979–80).

The Database of Greek Animal Sacrifice

The Ancient World Mapping Center: Antiquity À-la-carte

Maps of the Ancient World

The Silver Muse (hypertext system of bibliographies, commentaries, etc. for Imperial Roman poetry) [no longer online; link via Internet Archive Wayback Machine]